Hello everyone, and welcome to my humble little blog. Here I will write in depth analyses, reviews, thoughts and occasional meta on my various hardcore nerd fandoms. The majority of these will be centered around the superhero genre of comics books (DC in particular), Evangelion, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, and whatever else springs to mind.

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Hack/Slash: Buffy comics done right!

So, I gave up on the official canon BtVS/Angel comics a long while ago due to arc fatigue and what the fuck space frakking, but that didn't really quell my interest in getting more stories with that old fashioned Buffyverse-feel. And luckily, a few years ago, I stumbled upon a little Indy comic that filled the void left in Buffy's absence: Tim Seeley's Hack/Slash!
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WB's Rumored Upcoming DC Universe Films

Ok, so I swear I'm not dead or anything, I'm just the WORST procrastinator in the world and haven't had any essay inspirations lately. Hopefully that will change soon. In the meantime, just thought I'd put my two cents in on the big rumor that surfaced yesterday.

Warner Bros. and DC comics seem to be finally ready to catch up with Marvel Studios and Disney in terms of films based on their various superhero properties. According to a rumor began by Deadline founder Nikki Finke, the film schedule looks like this:

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (May 2016)
Shazam (July 2016)
The Sandman (Christmas 2016)
Justice League (May 2017)
Wonder Woman (July 2017)
Flash/Green Lantern team up film (Christmas 2017)
Man of Steel 2 (May 2018)

Needless to say, there were a lot of surprises here. We all knew about "Batman vs. Superman," and a "Justice League" film following that former's heels was pretty much a given. A "Wonder Woman" solo film has been desired by fans for what seems like an eternity, so it seems a little unreal that it looks like we will finally be getting one.

But a "Sandman" film based off of Neil Gaiman's literary epic? That is completely unexpected, and leaves me a bit cynical about the validity of the list. But if it turns out to be true, I can't help but wonder how they will adapt it. I'm guessing they will be starting with the "Preludes and Nocturnes" arc, or something completely original altogether. If the former, I'm looking forward to how horrifying the Dr. Destiny sequences will be onscreen (though his past as a Justice League villain will likely be cut).

"Shazam" is likely to be geared more towards a younger audience, or at least it should be. T"Man of Steel" wasn't as kid-friendly as the Marvel films, and it looks like the general tone will stay the same throughout the Justice League-related features. But hopefully this is an indication that we'll be getting some diversity in tone and subject matter.   And I'm all over a Flash/GL "buddy cop" movie.

Looks like this a good time to be a DC comics fans. 

"Godzilla" Reaction

Well, the big Summer blockbuster that I've been waiting all year for has finally hit. The Big G is back in a new American made film after a LONG hiatus following the disastrous 1998 film by Roland Emerich. From the initial trailers, it was clear that this version was going to return the Monster King to his roots as a force of nature, an eldritch abomination who's here to crush man's arrogant belief that he holds any sway over this planet. With a trailer depicting nightmarish and awe inspiring visuals, and a powerhouse lead in Brian Cranston, it seemed a given that this film was going to be phenomenal.

Which means it was, in some ways, an inevitable letdown. But (and I'm really happy I can say this) only a slight

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So, at the end of the day, is this a perfect film? No. But it is incredibly entertaining, and the best kaiju film we've gotten in years. I'm hoping it's the start of a brand new era for the Monster King in cinema. 

Joss Whedon's "Sugarshock" is the best thing ever

So while I was trying to organize my MASSIVE, cluttered mess of a comic book collection, I came across something that I had completely forgotten I'd purchased: a neat little Dark Horse one-shot titled "Sugarshock," written by our very own Mr. Joss Whedon!


For those not in the know, "Sugarshock" is a stand-alone story about an eccentric band front woman named Dandelion, who claims to have been trained by a super secret government organization to use lethal force and has an irrational hatred of vikings. Her fellow bandmates include Robot Phil (who is an actual robot), drummer Wade and the stoic L'lihdra. The narrative is a string of nonsensical events that allow Joss to take off the filter on his more "out-there" sense of humor as the band somehow ends up in an intergalactic gladiatorial arena that Dandelion thought was going to be a "battle of the bands."

You guys, Sugarshock is like a "Rick and Morty" episode in comic book form, and I say that as the highest form of praise. It is seriously better than the entirety of Season 8 combined. Not that that was much of a hurdle, but I digress....

Also, you may have noticed that I filed this under the "Bangel" tag. Why is that, you ask?

For those who have the issue, or plan on getting it, check out the last panel on pg. 4 and the first on on pg. 5. A robot alien falls from space onto Dandelion's car (weird crap like that happens on every page) and passes along the information for the supposed "Battle of the Bands (In Space!)" before he dies. As he dies, Dandelion (completely out of the blue) says she loves him. When Wade then asks her WTF she meant when she said that, Dandelion responds "What's the last thing you wanna hear before you die? 'Let's exchange insurance information?'" Dandelion doesn't know this strange being, and has no trouble moving on from its death, but feels enough inter-species empathy that she wants to offer some measure of comfort as the creature passes on.

Does this sound at all familiar to a certain exchange in "Chosen," or is it just me?

Okay, so this isn't pro-Bangel so much as it is anti-Spuffy, but those two things often go hand and hand with me. And I admit that I'm most likely reading waayyyyy too much into things. But after years of reading Grant Morrison comics, watching "Evangelion" over and over like it's my goddamn job, and even with Whedon's other works, dissecting throw away scenes for hidden meaning is kind of a compulsion at this point.

Plus, it's one more potential dig at the Spuffies from Joss, so there's that.

Holy crapbaskets, they're making a Power Rangers Movie


Okay, I have no shame in admitting that, if the film comes to pass, I am absolutely excited for this. With Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Godzilla and the slew of comic book based properties out there, I always thought it was inevitable that the Power Rangers would eventually get a big screen reboot of their own.

And naturally they'd go with MMPR! I'm aware that the show was godawful in terms of plot, acting and special effects, but that series is the most iconic for a reason. No other American show had done anything quite like it before, and none of the following seasons had nearly as much of an impact on pop culture. Seriously, the faces of those six kids were EVERYWHERE back then, and the nostalgia factor gives this thing a serious shot at spawning a new feature film franchise.

I hope it doesn't go TOO dark, though. A PG-13 rating seems like a given, but ideally it should be more along the lines of "the Avengers" than the Dark Knight trilogy. Some mild swearing and intense action is fine, but let's not get relentlessly bleak.

Also, the characters of Zack and Trini might pose a problem. The show came under serious criticisms for casting an African American kid as the Black Ranger, and an Asian girl as the Yellow Ranger, despite the claims of Saban that it was accidental. There are most likely going to be characters named Zack and Trini in this film as the respective Black and Yellow rangers, but I'm pretty much expecting them to be of different ethnicity.

Bulk and Skull better be in this thing, or else it's a wash. 

Buffy, Angel and the Big Bad Wolf

This is a meta post that I first thought of earlier this winter while I was loopy from a combination of being sick with a bad cough/cold and whatever medicine I was taking for it at the time (seriously, what do they put in some of that stuff? I was out for hours). It's been simmering in the back of my mind ever since, so I've finally decided to get it down here.
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My Stance on Angel vs. Spike

To put it bluntly, I think the entire love triangle thing needs to die. There is no plot device in fiction that I hate more than the love triangle, especially when it is featured in series that star female protagonists. I suppose in stories that revolve entirely around romance, like *shudders* "Twilight," it's to be expected, so nothing can be helped.

But other instances are very annoying. Case in point, one of my favorite TV shows, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," has been saddled with one for over a goddamn decade. Fandom debates are largely centered around which ensouled vampire Buffy should end up with: the dark, brooding Angel, or the poetic, rebellious Spike. Other plot points and characters are often ignored entirely, and that is a crying shame. I think the fictional world of "Buffy" (and "Angel") has so much more to offer than which redeemed bad boy gets to win Buffy in the end.

But it's here, and my best attempts to ignore it don't seem to be working. So who do I think our favorite Slayer should end up with? If asked that question, I will answer Angel every. single. time.

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Which Wonder Woman villains should appear in the films?

Ok, so I've been wanting to do a post on this for a while, ever since the news came out that Gal Gadot has been cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel. The internet nearly broke in half back when, out of nowhere, Ben Affleck was cast as BATMAN, and things got even crazier when it was announced Wonder Woman would be joining the boys in her (long overdue) big screen debut.

Casting a relative unknown like Ms. Gadot has caused quite a stir. She's best known for being featured in the "Fast and the Furious" franchise, films that are not known for presenting sterling performances from its actors. Her thin frame has also come under heavy criticism, as Wonder Woman and many of the Amazons are known for looking like bodybuilders.

Myself, I'm cautiously optimistic. I don't think it's fair to judge any acting skills from the "Fast and the Furious" movies, considering nobody really put much effort into those. I also trust the film's hired body coaches/trainers to get her into shape. Scott Snyder is a director known for working his actors into toned perfection, so Gadot and Affleck should both be positively ripped by the time filming begins. We already saw what Cavill looked like in the previous film, so I have faith in that respect.

But one of the first things I realized when I learned Wonder Woman was going to be featured? We would FINALLY have the chance to see her rogues gallery on the big screen! Considering that Man of Steel 2 will already be crowded with the Big Three heroes, the returning cast from the first film, and the debuts of Jeremy Irons as Alfred and Jesse Eisenberg (!) as Lex Luthor, and at least one more villain in the works, I'm not expecting and of Diana's rogues to appear in this installment. The second villain of the film is strongly rumored to be another Superman rogue, which is ultimately for the best. This film should primarily be about Clark and his world. Also, it would really suck if a Batman villain was chosen, but we'd get nothing from the WW franchise. So at least Clark's two BFF's are being treated equally in this department.

But it has been said that if the film is successful and Diana gets some good buzz, a solo WW film will finally be greenlit. And that means she'd need some villains of her own to fight.

It has long been my opinion that Wonder Woman's rogues gallery is the most underrated in all of comics. They are certainly not the best, but hardly the worst. Sure, they're a little silly, but not inherently sillier than any other concept that we've seen over the years. Diana comes from the world of Greek mythology, so she has several classical villainous Gods and monsters counted among her enemies. Anyone who knows the reputations of Ares and the Olympians, Medusa, Circe, Hercules and many others know that they could eat many of DC's other villains for breakfast. And that's just the public domain characters she fights against. The villains unique to her are no slouches either: a cannibalistic and brilliant treasure hunter who turns into a vicious were-beast, a sadistic and extremely powerful telepathic, a cyborg mastermind with a vast criminal empire, and several others.

She has certainly faced more than a few lamers over the years, but in a best case scenario, she'd only have 2-3 films, so it's not like we'd need to dig that deep. So here are the villains that I think have the best shot of appearing in her solo films and any team-up films:
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