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Holy crapbaskets, they're making a Power Rangers Movie

Okay, I have no shame in admitting that, if the film comes to pass, I am absolutely excited for this. With Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Godzilla and the slew of comic book based properties out there, I always thought it was inevitable that the Power Rangers would eventually get a big screen reboot of their own.

And naturally they'd go with MMPR! I'm aware that the show was godawful in terms of plot, acting and special effects, but that series is the most iconic for a reason. No other American show had done anything quite like it before, and none of the following seasons had nearly as much of an impact on pop culture. Seriously, the faces of those six kids were EVERYWHERE back then, and the nostalgia factor gives this thing a serious shot at spawning a new feature film franchise.

I hope it doesn't go TOO dark, though. A PG-13 rating seems like a given, but ideally it should be more along the lines of "the Avengers" than the Dark Knight trilogy. Some mild swearing and intense action is fine, but let's not get relentlessly bleak.

Also, the characters of Zack and Trini might pose a problem. The show came under serious criticisms for casting an African American kid as the Black Ranger, and an Asian girl as the Yellow Ranger, despite the claims of Saban that it was accidental. There are most likely going to be characters named Zack and Trini in this film as the respective Black and Yellow rangers, but I'm pretty much expecting them to be of different ethnicity.

Bulk and Skull better be in this thing, or else it's a wash. 
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