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Joss Whedon's "Sugarshock" is the best thing ever

So while I was trying to organize my MASSIVE, cluttered mess of a comic book collection, I came across something that I had completely forgotten I'd purchased: a neat little Dark Horse one-shot titled "Sugarshock," written by our very own Mr. Joss Whedon!


For those not in the know, "Sugarshock" is a stand-alone story about an eccentric band front woman named Dandelion, who claims to have been trained by a super secret government organization to use lethal force and has an irrational hatred of vikings. Her fellow bandmates include Robot Phil (who is an actual robot), drummer Wade and the stoic L'lihdra. The narrative is a string of nonsensical events that allow Joss to take off the filter on his more "out-there" sense of humor as the band somehow ends up in an intergalactic gladiatorial arena that Dandelion thought was going to be a "battle of the bands."

You guys, Sugarshock is like a "Rick and Morty" episode in comic book form, and I say that as the highest form of praise. It is seriously better than the entirety of Season 8 combined. Not that that was much of a hurdle, but I digress....

Also, you may have noticed that I filed this under the "Bangel" tag. Why is that, you ask?

For those who have the issue, or plan on getting it, check out the last panel on pg. 4 and the first on on pg. 5. A robot alien falls from space onto Dandelion's car (weird crap like that happens on every page) and passes along the information for the supposed "Battle of the Bands (In Space!)" before he dies. As he dies, Dandelion (completely out of the blue) says she loves him. When Wade then asks her WTF she meant when she said that, Dandelion responds "What's the last thing you wanna hear before you die? 'Let's exchange insurance information?'" Dandelion doesn't know this strange being, and has no trouble moving on from its death, but feels enough inter-species empathy that she wants to offer some measure of comfort as the creature passes on.

Does this sound at all familiar to a certain exchange in "Chosen," or is it just me?

Okay, so this isn't pro-Bangel so much as it is anti-Spuffy, but those two things often go hand and hand with me. And I admit that I'm most likely reading waayyyyy too much into things. But after years of reading Grant Morrison comics, watching "Evangelion" over and over like it's my goddamn job, and even with Whedon's other works, dissecting throw away scenes for hidden meaning is kind of a compulsion at this point.

Plus, it's one more potential dig at the Spuffies from Joss, so there's that.
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