Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello Part 1

Wonder Woman: the Brian Azzarello Run Part 1

Ever since Azzarello and Chiang came onto the scene back in 2011, the Wonder Woman comic has been enjoying more critical acclaim than it ever has before. Several new fans have jumped onboard, claiming they never cared about the character or her world before, but they do now. Comic review sites rarely give any issue of this title a poor review, and the sales are more stable than they were previously.

So when it was announced in a recent interview on Newsarama that the team is wrapping up their storyline and preparing to leave, possibly in the upcoming fall season, many are already mourning their loss. They are hailing this run as the best the character has ever had, and are already despairing at a possible drop in quality with the new creative team.

I am not one of these people.

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve certainly enjoyed many aspects of this run, and it is leagues ahead of the crap we were getting in the years prior to the reboot. But there are many aspects of the run that I find problematic, at least in as far as the story stands now. While it can certainly be said that this book has been one of the very few consistently good titles to come out of the New 52, if not the best, I feel it is being elevated to a status that it doesn’t entirely deserve. The reasons for which I will be detailing the next few posts.

Part 1: The New Origin

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