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Which Wonder Woman villains should appear in the films?

Ok, so I've been wanting to do a post on this for a while, ever since the news came out that Gal Gadot has been cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel. The internet nearly broke in half back when, out of nowhere, Ben Affleck was cast as BATMAN, and things got even crazier when it was announced Wonder Woman would be joining the boys in her (long overdue) big screen debut.

Casting a relative unknown like Ms. Gadot has caused quite a stir. She's best known for being featured in the "Fast and the Furious" franchise, films that are not known for presenting sterling performances from its actors. Her thin frame has also come under heavy criticism, as Wonder Woman and many of the Amazons are known for looking like bodybuilders.

Myself, I'm cautiously optimistic. I don't think it's fair to judge any acting skills from the "Fast and the Furious" movies, considering nobody really put much effort into those. I also trust the film's hired body coaches/trainers to get her into shape. Scott Snyder is a director known for working his actors into toned perfection, so Gadot and Affleck should both be positively ripped by the time filming begins. We already saw what Cavill looked like in the previous film, so I have faith in that respect.

But one of the first things I realized when I learned Wonder Woman was going to be featured? We would FINALLY have the chance to see her rogues gallery on the big screen! Considering that Man of Steel 2 will already be crowded with the Big Three heroes, the returning cast from the first film, and the debuts of Jeremy Irons as Alfred and Jesse Eisenberg (!) as Lex Luthor, and at least one more villain in the works, I'm not expecting and of Diana's rogues to appear in this installment. The second villain of the film is strongly rumored to be another Superman rogue, which is ultimately for the best. This film should primarily be about Clark and his world. Also, it would really suck if a Batman villain was chosen, but we'd get nothing from the WW franchise. So at least Clark's two BFF's are being treated equally in this department.

But it has been said that if the film is successful and Diana gets some good buzz, a solo WW film will finally be greenlit. And that means she'd need some villains of her own to fight.

It has long been my opinion that Wonder Woman's rogues gallery is the most underrated in all of comics. They are certainly not the best, but hardly the worst. Sure, they're a little silly, but not inherently sillier than any other concept that we've seen over the years. Diana comes from the world of Greek mythology, so she has several classical villainous Gods and monsters counted among her enemies. Anyone who knows the reputations of Ares and the Olympians, Medusa, Circe, Hercules and many others know that they could eat many of DC's other villains for breakfast. And that's just the public domain characters she fights against. The villains unique to her are no slouches either: a cannibalistic and brilliant treasure hunter who turns into a vicious were-beast, a sadistic and extremely powerful telepathic, a cyborg mastermind with a vast criminal empire, and several others.

She has certainly faced more than a few lamers over the years, but in a best case scenario, she'd only have 2-3 films, so it's not like we'd need to dig that deep. So here are the villains that I think have the best shot of appearing in her solo films and any team-up films:
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