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"Godzilla" Reaction

Well, the big Summer blockbuster that I've been waiting all year for has finally hit. The Big G is back in a new American made film after a LONG hiatus following the disastrous 1998 film by Roland Emerich. From the initial trailers, it was clear that this version was going to return the Monster King to his roots as a force of nature, an eldritch abomination who's here to crush man's arrogant belief that he holds any sway over this planet. With a trailer depicting nightmarish and awe inspiring visuals, and a powerhouse lead in Brian Cranston, it seemed a given that this film was going to be phenomenal.

Which means it was, in some ways, an inevitable letdown. But (and I'm really happy I can say this) only a slight

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So, at the end of the day, is this a perfect film? No. But it is incredibly entertaining, and the best kaiju film we've gotten in years. I'm hoping it's the start of a brand new era for the Monster King in cinema.