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My Stance on Angel vs. Spike

To put it bluntly, I think the entire love triangle thing needs to die. There is no plot device in fiction that I hate more than the love triangle, especially when it is featured in series that star female protagonists. I suppose in stories that revolve entirely around romance, like *shudders* "Twilight," it's to be expected, so nothing can be helped.

But other instances are very annoying. Case in point, one of my favorite TV shows, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," has been saddled with one for over a goddamn decade. Fandom debates are largely centered around which ensouled vampire Buffy should end up with: the dark, brooding Angel, or the poetic, rebellious Spike. Other plot points and characters are often ignored entirely, and that is a crying shame. I think the fictional world of "Buffy" (and "Angel") has so much more to offer than which redeemed bad boy gets to win Buffy in the end.

But it's here, and my best attempts to ignore it don't seem to be working. So who do I think our favorite Slayer should end up with? If asked that question, I will answer Angel every. single. time.

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